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Our current hosting offer gives you 80 to spend on Google Adwords, so that's an 80 voucher to spend on advertising your website with Google.

So if you take our lowest priced hosting plan at 195 that means we build you a website for 115 to discuss your options contact Skyhot Media.

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This cloud computing is going to be a nightmare

You may be here looking for one of our client web sites

When working with new clients we sometimes host their sites on our servers whilst
we arrange a better hosting plan for them.
Please check our Skyshot Media client page

We had a site redesign some months ago

1. To alter the page width.
2. To improve the ability for social bookmarking,
so on each page you will see an icon like this

which means you can add us to facebook, digg, google bookmarks etc or email a friend.

Don't forget to update your browser bookmarks.